Contributors – Volume 3. Issue 1

Shilpi Gulati

Shilpi Gulati is a documentary theatre and film maker with a background in literature, media
and cultural studies. Her previous films, ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Dere tun Dilli’ have been screened
and awarded at various film festivals across the country. She’s currently enrolled as a research scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.


Ajinkya Shenava

I am passionate about music, especially dhrupad. Nothing gives me more pleasure than listening to, or singing ālāp. During my years at Centre for Learning, Bangalore, I discovered my love for literature and theatre. I also learned over here to question everything. I enjoy poetry; and fiction of all kinds. One of the earliest ambitions I remember having (apart from being a road-roller driver and a cricketer) is to win the Nobel Prize in literature. When I was at Xavier’s, I added film to the list of things that I love; and at the SMCS, I discovered how you convert things you love into “research”. This paper is a product of this peculiar kind of engagement with an art form and a community that I love.


Kaikho Paphro Chachei

Kaikho Paphro Chachei completed her Master’s in Media and Cultural Studies from Tata
Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai in 2012. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Media
Technologies from St. Anthony’s College, NEHU (Shillong). She also did a Post-Graduate
Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations from Indian Institute of Mass Communication,
New Delhi. She has worked as a Correspondent and Producer with Asian News International, New Delhi.


Shweta Ghosh

Shweta Ghosh is a documentary filmmaker and researcher. A silver medalist from the School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, she has explored her interest in food, travel, television and disability through research and film projects. Her research paper ‘Performing Food’ traces changes, continuities and disjuncts in urban, middle class cooking in Pune, India, and has been published in an international peer reviewed journal. Her documentary films Breakin’ Mumbai and Accsex have been selected for screening in prestigious film festivals across India and abroad. Shweta is currently working on a film that explores oral histories of cuisine and food culture in Malwan region in Maharashtra, India.


Anurag Mazumdar

Anurag Mazumdar currently works as an assistant editor with Economic and Political
Weekly. He has worked with Firstpost and Unicef in the past. He is a graduate of the School
of Media and Cultural Studies. His current research interests are history of urban spaces and
changing cultural practices of marginalised communities with globalisation’s effect on
developing countries.


Romit Chowdhury

Romit Chowdhury is an alumnus of the M.A. programme in Media and Cultural Studies at
the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. This paper is a chapter in his master’s
dissertation on modernity and masculinity in Bengalis’ adda. For this project he received the
Smitu Kothari Prize for best research in his cohort in 2010. Romit is currently a Ph.D student
at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta. His work is broadly in the field of
feminist cultural studies, particularly cultures of masculinities.
Aakriti Kohli teaches journalism and mass communication to undergraduate students in
University of Delhi. Currently she is also pursuing her MPhil in Sociology from Delhi School
of Economics, University of Delhi.


Shweta Radhakrishnan

Shweta Radhakrishnan is an alumnus of the School of Media and Cultural Studies, Mumbai. Her area of research has been the politics of storytelling and urban spaces. She has engaged with these concepts through her films as well as her research work. Her first documentary, City’s Edge, was based on the Deonar Dumping Ground and her second film, Bharatmata ki Jai was about a single screen theatre in Mumbai’s mill country. Shweta is currently working with People’s Power Collective in Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand.


Prakash Chandra Sao

Prakash Chandra Sao has studied M.A. in Media and Cultural Studies from Tata Institute of
Social Sciences. He has studied the Unique Identification scheme and has submitted his
dissertation on it as part of the course. He has also been a LAMP fellow and has worked with a Member of Parliament for a brief period.


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