Photo: Mr. Mangesh Gudekar, Design: Prof. KP Jayasankar

SubVersions | Volume 5. 2017

This issue of SubVersions brings together work presented at Frames of Reference 2016, held in January 2017 on the theme Neoliberalising Cultures- Media. Markets. Meanings. FoR is the annual
graduate national student seminar organised by the School of Media and Cultural Studies, which invites contributions from MA , MPhil and PhD scholars. This issue reflects upon LPG
(liberalisation, privatisation, globalisation) and its repercussions across media and culture in contemporary society. Since 1991, also known as the point-of-no-return, rapid socioeconomic
and technological changes have resulted in the spread of suburbanisation, the rise of an aspirational middle class, agrarian crises, marginalisation of indigenous and rural communities
and new conceptions of space and individual identity. These papers explore this new nationhood in a globalised world in several ways. Two papers reflect on the space of art – through analysing
the emergence of street art and construction of museum spaces within a neoliberal cultural paradigm. Education is another entry point, with a paper that looks at the politics of aspiration in
private colleges of engineering. Another paper examines the changing dynamics of caste with a neoliberalised nation, as hard assertions of caste identities exacerbate processes of discrimination.
Finally, we have a paper that looks at changes in walnut wood craft since 90s in Kashmir as a result of neoliberalism and militarisation.

With this issue of SubVersions, we shift from a biannual to an annual frequency. The present issue is the annual issue for 2017. We hope to catch up with the lag in publication and to produce the next issue, for 2018, before the end of this year.