From the film Saacha,  Image: KP Jayasankar

SubVersions | Volume 3. Issue 1. 2015

This edition of SubVersions carries papers that were presented at the Frames of Reference, SMCS National Students’ Seminar entitled Seeing Through the Screen. Other papers in this edition are based on the dissertation work of students in the School’s Master’s programme. This issue turns a critical gaze on various media – television, film, advertising, dance – and the construction of identities mediated by these, from the possibilities of gender subversion afforded within the dance form Kathak, to a media ethnography that explores the ways in which cinema allows the queer spectator to engage in a subversive reading of heterosexual texts. Papers in this issue also explore the themes of censorship, stardom, and the screen through the lenses of gender, caste, region and class. SubVersions continues to be dedicated to presenting emerging research addressing critical contemporary concerns in media and cultural studies in India, and the editorial team hopes to bring out the next issue of the journal at the earliest.