From the film Culture Download (2017)

SubVersions | Volume 3. Issue 2. 2015

This issue of SubVersions brings together work done by early career researchers exploring the fraught contestations over space – both online and offline. From an ethnographic study that positions selfies as acts of self-representation that allow for negotiations with gendered embodiment, to a another which explicates the resistance politics of diary-type blogs written by women; from a reconstruction of 1960s Bombay replete with contested claims to the city, to a study on the functions of satire within the digital public sphere; from an exploration of the crowdfunding of Indie projects, to a critical examination of algorithmic discourses that govern one’s relationship with photographs in the digital era – the papers in this edition explore notions of resistance, power and control. With the publication of this issue, SubVersions reaffirms its commitment to support and further emerging scholarship within and across a wide range of disciplines that lend themselves to analysing and questioning relations of power and knowledge.